Anne not only works with brick and mortar “stores” but she shares her retail expertise with a variety of businesses who want to increase their sales, their profit and the total everyday customer service experience their customers enjoy. If that describes your business goals, then Anne is the person you want to work with or have her speak to your organization.

Anne challenges organizations to be CONTAGIOUS on purpose!  As a retail customer service strategist, she stretches companies and their employees to focus on innovative ways to keep their customers coming back and spreading the word about their service experience along the way.

Recent statistics show that 80% of “contagiously successful” businesses are using their outstanding customer service “experience” as a defining advantage.  Customer service isn’t about the “transaction”, it’s about transforming customer relationships into a contagious experience….worth spreading.

Anne’s fun and educational sessions provide strategic “contagious” service ideas that successful companies can implement to insure their customers come back again and again because of their infectious, enviable repeatable, remarkable customer service experiences.

To discuss how Anne Obarski can help the outcome of your next event be a contagious success, contact Anne now: 614.389.3248.

Let’s get outrageously contagious and help you spread the word about your business!

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